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Why should I neuter my pet?

Why should I neuter or spay my pet?

Although some owners feel that neutering their pet is tampering with nature, modern vets do still recommend the procedure for a variety of reasons both ethical and health based.  Brownfield Vets Surgery give us their take on the issue:

Benefits of neutering are varied for both cats and dogs.  Obviously, stopping reproduction and the birth of unwanted animals is the first.  One female cat can go on to be the ancestor of literally thousands of kittens who will end up as strays or euthanized.  The number of animals in pet shelters is horrifying, and many shelters will advise that the numbers of pregnant animals taken in does nothing to help this situation. 

Neutering male cats reduced their need to spray in your home, and reduce the need in both cats and dogs to roam from your home, keeping them safer.  There is no chance of testicular cancer after neutering, and the risk of prostate cancer can be reduced.  Animals who have been spayed can be less aggressive, and less likely to dig or try to escape because they are less frustrated which can effect their behaviour. 

In females, uterine cancer which can be quite prevalent can be avoided, and the risk of pyometra is reduced.  Pyometra, an infection which occurs after female dogs go through their hormonal cycle if not pregnant, affects the lining of the uterus and can be very dangerous and is often be fatal.
Neutering isn’t just for dogs and cats either.  If you have a pet rabbit, particularly a house rabbit, they will also benefit from spaying and neutering.  Removing spraying and boxing from many animals, there is also a much reduced risk of types of cancers, particularly uterine and mammary cancers which are often prevalent in females.
Most vets now offer the operation at a very reasonable cost, with minimal risk to your pets, and evidence suggests the operation may increase their lifespan too – all the more reason to talk to your vet and get advice on neutering your pet!
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