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Company details:

New Atlantic Country Superstore Ltd

All pet food available country superstore

New Atlantic Country Superstore

New Atlantic Country Superstore is a 20,000 square feet retail outlet offering a huge range of countryside-living products at competitive prices.

   flea control North atlantic country superfoods

New Atlantic employ over 20 highly trained, helpful and experienced assistants who will endeavour to give the customer sound advice and excellent service.  Their high quality and well-crafted products are primarily aimed at country dwellers.

   large feeds and bedding ranges available

New Atlantic products include:
  • Gates and Fencing
  • Timber and Building Products
  • Pet Supplies
  • Aquatics
  • Electric Fencing
  • Equestrian Products
  • Clothing and Footwear
  • Tools and Equipment
  • Pest Control and Garden Supplies

New Atlantic Country Superstore is also proud to announce its new aquatic department operating in conjunction with Woodford Aquatics.  It features 120 tanks of tropical fish, Koi and other pond fish, plus all the necessary accessories. 

New Atlantic Country Superstore also have an extensive online shopping site that has a comprehensive range of products with some 'web exclusives' and prices and deals that may not be available in store.

Animal feedstuffs, Small pet cages, Dog Kennels, Animal cages / runs, Cat litter, Chicken Runs, Animal bedding, Biscuits and chews, Chicken houses, Animal Clothing, Mixed corn, Shavings, Animal toys, Layers pellets, Goose & Duck crumbs, Aquariums, Poultry grit, Calf milk replacer, Dry animal food, Ferret cages, Tinned animal food, Guinea pig food, Leads and collars, Rabbit food, Pet houses, Ferret food, Animal bowls, Chinchilla food, Harness and muzzles, Puppy food dry, Wormers, Puppy food tins, Hygiene range, Pet houses, Flea treatments, Dog clothing, Aquatic plants, Pond liners, Aquatic food, Fishtank treatments, Aviary food, Aviary toys, Aviary sandsheets, Aviary cages, Fish tanks, Bedding.Animal health, dog collar, dog lead, cat collar, dog toy, cat toy

Company:  New Atlantic Country Superstore Ltd
Address: The Old Mill
Church Road, Earsham
NR35 2TQ
Contact: Rachael Gunton
Telephone: 01986 891 069
Email: salesatlanticonline.uk.com
Website: http://www.newatlanticonline.co.uk/
Category: animal housing
animal products and services
aviaries, birds, breeders, dealers, supplies
hay & straw suppliers
pet bedding
pet products / supplies
pet shops / supplies
Area scope: bungay
Related words: aviaries, birds, breeders, dealers, supplies
pet supplies feeds bedding housing toys trainers wormers flea control aquatic fish dog cat collar

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