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Horses and Equine Supplies - First Aid Kit for Horses

Horses and Equine Supplies - First Aid Kit for Horses

   Horses and Equine Supplies
If you own or, have a horse on loan, you will know that minor accidents can happily easily.  It is a good idea to have your own Equine First Aid Kit so that you can deal with any first aid your horse may need quickly and safely.  It doesn't need to be an expensive or elaborate kit, a few basic essentials should suffice, and it is best that you don't keep any oral or injectable medication-this should only be given under veterinary supervision.  Here is a list of the 10 most essential items for your kit:

  • Mercury or Digital Thermometer: a raised temperature is an indication that your horse has a health problem that needs attention.  A thermometer is therefore a must in any medical kit.  A digital thermometer will have more features than a mercury one.  It may also store the last temperature taken which is useful for ongoing monitoring.
  • Antiseptic Wound Cleaner: horses are prone to getting cuts, grazes and skin infections and there are many equine cleaners available that are ideal for cleaning these wounds to keep infection at bay.
  • Scissors: sharp scissors are a necessity in any first aid kit for a myriad of purposes.  Also it may be an idea to have something more heavy duty for cutting wire fences and the like in case your horse becomes entangled.
  • Clean Leg Wraps: always have a clean set of leg wraps available in your kit.  These can be invaluable in an emergency so make sure you have them in addition to any you may be using on a regular basis.
  • Gamgee Tissues, Pads, Wadding and Dressings: a range of sterile dressings for various types of wounds should be kept in a sterile condition in your kit.  These can be held in place by leg wraps or bandages.
  • Self-sticking Bandages: these are ideal for keeping dressings in place, particularly in awkward places, or to support leg wraps.  These are widely available in pharmacies as well as tack shops.
  • Zinc Oxide Cream: this is useful for sunburned noses, protects and helps heal minor cuts and grazes and for the treatment of Grease Heel.  This multi-purpose cream is antiseptic and creates a barrier against dirt too.  Available in the baby section of shops.
  • Salts: Epsom Salts can help draw out infection and salt water can be used to wash out cuts and grazes.  An effective but inexpensive way to treat your horse.
  • Antiseptic Cream or Ointment: this can help heal nicks, cuts, scrapes and grazes by keeping the wound clean and moist.  Some creams have antiseptic, antibiotic and anti inflammatory properties.
  • Books: a clear, comprehensive equine first aid book will help you when you need emergency advice.  Try to read up on some of the more common problems so that you're ready for when you encounter them.  Also, it's a good idea to keep a notepad and pen for recording symptoms and temperatures, with dates and times, so that you have a clear record for the vet.  Always keep you vet's phone number clearly visible on, or inside, the kit, as well as by the stable yard phone.

Being prepared means that whatever happens, you should be able to deal with it in a calm and correct manner, before getting professional help or advice.

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