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Welcome to the Pets and Animals website, the UK’s premier place for pet and animal lovers.  The directory is a comprehensive resource for owners and enthusiast and is laid out in a clear, easy to navigate format with headers including products, dog breeders, cat breeders, rabbit and small animal supplies, kennels, catteries and more.  You can also search by town or county to find all the pet related products you may require.  The website has well over 4,000 listings making it the number one pet specialist directory.

If you are a business that is centered around pets and animals, please do add a free entry to the online directory using the link at the top of the page, or give us a call on 01582 488385 to chat about our various enhanced listings including colour display advertisements and direct links to your site.

Check out the publication of our latest hard copy, The Pets & Animals Directory, with its glossy, full colour listings, interesting and helpful advice and features, product reviews, giveaways and much, much more.  Find us on the shelves in newsagents, shops and at supermarkets as well as at vets, breeders and pet shops, as well as at the major UK Shows.  If you are a breeder or work in the pet industry, give us a call today on 01582 488385 to chat about possible advertising opportunities with colour advertisements starting at as little as £90 + vat for the year. 

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Adopting An Older Pet

If you have taken the decision that 2014 is your year to adopt an animal desperately looking for their perfect home, have you considered adopting an older animal?

Here's some things you may wish to think about first:


Welfare Centres

Many welfare centres and pet rescues will tell you the same – the cute, doe eyed kittens and puppies are in high demand and tend not to spend long in shelters, which is great news for them.  Unfortunately, older animals don’t have the same cute factor and are often in much greater need of rehousing. 

For some dogs and cats, they have ended up in charity hands due to the loss of an elderly owner, a family unable to house them in changed circumstances, after moving home or a divorce.  These animals can be sad and bewildered, missing their lovely home environment and faced with an uncertain future in a busy shelter.  Other may have been neglected or mistreated, and are in desperate need of a kind, loving owner.  For our full list of animal welfare centres Click Here


Pet health issues

There are some things to consider.  Older dogs and cats may well have ongoing health issues, which can prove expensive, although some rescue centres will offer help towards costs or be able to point you to a sympathetic vet.  Many older animals need a fair amount of companionship, and may also require a special diet to keep them healthy.

On the other hand, there are some excellent benefits to adopting an older pet:

• An older cat will probably be well litter trained, and is much less likely to wreak havoc on your curtains and furniture.
• Mature dogs are less boisterous and usually not nearly as demanding of exercise as a puppy full of energy. 
• A senior moggy will be calmer around children, and probably spend a lot more time looking for a warm lap to snuggle in.
• Older dogs usually have some training behind them, making them easier to settle to house rules.

If you work, an elderly or middle aged cat shouldn’t so much supervision as a kitten
Dogs and cats who are more mature have usually fully developed their personality, meaning a good animal welfare centre or rehoming shelter should be able to match you with a pet who is the right fit for you and your family.

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